CanDeal Markets Hits $25 Trillion in Trading Volume

Toronto, December 16, 2019; CanDeal, a leading institutional electronic marketplace for Canadian debt and derivatives trading, has surpassed $25 trillion in total trading volume on its marketplace, marking one of the Company’s more significant achievements and a milestone for electronic dealing in Canadian dollar products for its participants.

With an average daily volume exceeding $12 billion in 2019, CanDeal offers a deep liquidity pool for Canadian debt securities and will continue to work with marketplace participants to create functionality and workflow efficiencies to optimize the experience for their benefit.

“We are pleased to have participated in the transaction that pushed CanDeal over the $25 trillion milestone,” said Nick Wang, Director at BMO Capital Markets. “We look forward to building upon this success.”

“The CanDeal platform is crucial for liquidity and access to the Canadian bond and derivatives market,” said Mathieu Lachance, Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income Arbitrage at Gestion Cristallin. “Reaching $25 trillion is a major milestone and we are honored to be a participant in the transaction that pushed CanDeal over that mark.”

“This is a major accomplishment for CanDeal and our community of participating buy-side firms and the dealers,” said Jamie Grant, President of CanDeal Markets. “Hitting a historic benchmark like this demonstrates that we’re keeping up with the many structural and regulatory shifts in our markets, while providing the technology and resources that bond and money market trading professionals are looking for.”

In October, CanDeal launched MarketPrice℠, a real-time pricing tool for Canadian bond markets that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, advanced modeling, and real-time quotes from all major Canadian dealers to deliver for the first time a near-execution quality view of the marketplace.