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CanDeal/TMX Term CORRA has officially launched!


In accordance with IOSCO principles, CanDeal Benchmark Solutions* oversees governance, benchmark and methodology quality and provides accountability for Term CORRA, Canada’s new benchmark rate. CanDeal Data & Analytics has applied IOSCO principles to the creation and delivery of its Reference and Composite Pricing Services, Analytics and Security Master products covering a universe of over 80,000 Canadian fixed income securities and has developed the methodology by which Term CORRA will be calculated.

About Term CORRA

Term CORRA has been designed to be a robust benchmark that adheres to IOSCO's Principles for Financial Benchmarks. Term CORRA will be calculated and published by CanDeal DNA using price and trade data from CORRA interest rate futures traded on the Montreal Exchange. 

Term CORRA's input pricing is based on actual futures transactions that are further reinforced by market makers and market liquidity, thus making it a more accurate and reliable interest rate measure.

Term CORRA Benefits


Term CORRA is IOSCO and CSA compliant, and based on the Canadian Alternative Reference Rate calculation methodology.


Term CORRA is a forward looking term rate, derived from CORRA interest rate futures traded on the Montréal Exchange.


Term CORRA is unbiased, with strong oversight and controls, providing certainty in cash flow forecasting.

Term CORRA & CORRA Rates

By accessing or using the Term CORRA Benchmark, you accept and agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms of Use
for Term CORRA set out here (the "Terms"). If you do not agree to the Terms, you must not access or use Term CORRA.

DATE1 Month3 MonthCORRA**

Last updated: 23 May 2024 16:01 EST

Term CORRA rates for the previous business day are published daily at 4:00PM (ET) except for Canadian market holidays. Please see the IIAC Debt Market Closure Schedule for details.

**CORRA measures the cost of overnight general collateral funding in Canadian dollars using Government of Canada treasury bills and bonds as collateral for repurchase transactions. CORRA is published on a T+1 basis. The Bank of Canada provides CORRA as a public good, at no cost to users and data distributors.



Find answers to your questions and how to get access to Term CORRA.
What is Term CORRA?

Answer: The Term CORRA Rates benchmark is a daily set of forward-looking interest rate estimates, calculated and published for 1-month and 3-month tenors. Term CORRA Rates are:

What data is used in the calculation of Term CORRA?
Answer: Currently, we use transaction and executable bid data from three consecutive COA futures (1-month Montreal Exchange CORRA futures contracts) and two consecutive quarterly CRA futures (3-month Montreal Exchange CORRA futures contracts).
How are Term CORRA Rates calculated?

Answer: A set of Volume Weighted Average Prices (VWAP) are calculated using executed transaction prices and executable bids observed during several observation intervals taken over a two-hour interval from 10:00 and 12:00 EST (Eastern Standard Time). These are then used in a projection model to determine Term CORRA Rates. Full details of the calculation methodology are available in Resources.

When are Term CORRA Rates published?
Answer: Term CORRA Rates will be calculated for each day the Bank of Canada calculates and publishes CORRA, in accordance with the recommended Bank of Canada holiday schedule. There will be no data sampling, calculation, or publication on a Bank of Canada holiday.
Publication of the Term CORRA rates will occur on each day at 1:00 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time).
How can I access the Term CORRA information?
Answer: Term CORRA is available via TMX Datalinx.

Term CORRA Rates can also be viewed on the Benchmark Solutions page. Use of any information accessed on CanDeal Benchmark Solutions website is limited to "view only", in accordance with CanDeal Benchmark Solutions Terms of Use.

Term CORRA: Canada's Trusted Benchmark

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Unlocking Term CORRA

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Term CORRA Resources

For detailed information and documents describing Term CORRA and regulatory and other details, click on the links below.

Licensing & Fees Information

Access to Term CORRA data, licensing and subscription fee information is provided by TMX Datalinx. For additional information, please click here.
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