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Our unmatched community of buy-side firms and all the leading Canadian
dealers means that when you trade on CanDeal, you are truly where the market comes to trade.


Corporate Trading on CanDeal Evolution

 Trading edge, no foreign regulatory risk, operational efficiency
Trade Canadian! Trade credit for FREE on the platform made for the Canadian market. CanDeal Evolution is the only Canadian dealer-to-customer fixed income platform, delivering the deepest pool of liquidity from all of Canada’s primary dealers. Premier functionality to ensure best execution and compliance with domestic regulations. And again, it’s free – new clients or additional users from existing clients can access trading and our unmatched data at no cost.

Our core value propositions on corporates:
  • We have the trading edge thanks to managing the best data available
  • There is no foreign regulatory risks (or exposure) on CanDeal Evolution
  • Operational efficiency, get your trading done faster with CanDeal Evolution
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The Markets
We Support

We provide participants with electronic marketplaces for the full range of Canadian fixed income and OTC derivatives.

  • Rates: The leading multi-dealer-to-client electronic marketplace for Canadian rates, and the trusted source for Government, CMB and Provincial Bond trading
  • Money Markets: View the entire street on one screen. Gain optimal transparency, efficient trade execution and unique intelligence
  • Derivatives: CAD and US IRS provides seamless liquidity in compliance with regulatory requirements and is enabled for cross-border activity
  • Credit: Trade with the only made for Canada corporate trading solution, and benchmark your portfolio against the previous day’s 4pm price and spread


Efficient markets require abundant liquidity. CanDeal has assembled the deepest electronic liquidity pool for Canadian rates, money market, corporate and derivatives products the market has ever experienced. Not only does this mean that dealers are keen to participate on the platform, but they are motivated to provide liquidity.


CanDeal securities can be executed through various Order Management System (OMS) providers that offer support to market participants. CanDeal participants can either be certified with these suppliers or use their own proprietary trading systems. However, before implementing any solution, it must be certified by CanDeal Support, who manages access to the CanDeal FIX API. Here is a list of our certified partners:
  • Advent (Moxy)
  • AExeo
  • Antares
  • Bell (ITMS)
  • Blackrock (Aladdin)
  • Bloomberg AIM
  • Broadridge
  • Calypso
  • Charles River
  • DSTS
  • EZE Soft
  • FinMT
  • Fidessa
  • Harmony
  • Imagine
  • Integra
  • ION
  • ITG
  • Just Systems
  • Kestrel
  • Longview
  • Murex
  • Orchestrate
  • SimCorp
  • StatPro
  • Or internal build


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Access our multi-dealer-to-client electronic marketplaces on the CanDeal Evolution platform, the most innovative, modern trading experience, designed for the Canadian market. Next-gen technology ensures the security and reliability of the end-to-end trading experience, with seamless trade allocation, confirmation and processing.


Trade on CanDeal:
12pm GMT/7am EST to
10pm GMT/5pm EST.

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