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CanDeal Solutions is where pioneering ideas and technologies are developed to help our clients become more efficient and more profitable.


CanDeal delivers a seamless fixed income auction experience between issuers and dealers. Issuers access a complete suite of tools to establish and manage an auction – with comprehensive monitoring, communications and analytical features. Dealers receive notifications, efficiently submit bids and assess benchmark and performance metrics.


CANIssue manages the workflow for dealers participating in the Canadian Corporate New Issue Bond Market. Dealers value the efficiency and community that the application provides. Syndicates manage issue information, client orders and market-wide communications through the shared service. Institutional clients access our online portal to participate in new issues and to take advantage of one centralized source of new issue information.


CanDeal pioneered Canada’s first electronic buyback auction platform. Working with the Bank of Canada, CanDeal developed the ‘reverse auction’ platform used to facilitate the bond purchase programs. Launched in Q2 2020, the $60 billion programs for provincial and corporate bond debt provides dealers and clients with the opportunity to sell securities to the central bank through an auction process.

Know Your Customer: KYC COMPLIANCE

CanDeal helps banks and buyside firms deploy technology and procedures in order to manage client information that will satisfy the firm’s “Know Your Client” (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy. CanDeal’s technology captures detailed client due diligence information for use in analysis, monitoring and reporting, in support of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) rules.


CanDeal is helping dealers optimize odd lots for Canadian securities. Our electronic platform streamlines the process of buying or selling odd lots between dealers. With access to extensive liquidity, CanDeal identifies opportunities through algorithmic price discovery that satisfies the respective counterparties for odd lot trading.


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