CanDeal Data & Analytics Acquires CIBC Fixed Income Data Business

TORONTO, March 9, 2021 -- CanDeal Data and Analytics (CanDeal DNA), a leading provider of Canadian financial markets' OTC data and information services, has acquired Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)'s fixed income data business. In addition to enhancing the scope of bond data provided to DNA, CIBC's fixed income clients will become CanDeal DNA clients.


The acquisition will provide CanDeal DNA clients with a more expansive pool of fixed income data, while transitioning existing CIBC's fixed income clients to a multi-dealer suite of bond pricing and liquidity analytics. Clients will benefit from more comprehensive data sets and more informed price reporting for various closing price, benchmarking and market risk purposes.


"The acquisition comes at a time of expansion and evolution in the Canadian fixed income markets, where greater emphasis is being put on data quality and accessibility," said Andre Craig, Executive Vice President of CanDeal DNA. "CanDeal DNA's acquisition of CIBC's fixed income data business reinforces and enhances our suite of services for Canadian market participants, democratizing access to the most informed bond pricing services available."


"CanDeal DNA is changing the way Canadian bond data is manufactured with an emphasis on enhancing  both the scope and quality of the underlying fixed income data," said Karl Wildi, Managing Director and Vice Chair of CIBC Capital Markets. "By transitioning our fixed income clients to CanDeal's Data & Analytics platform, our clients will benefit from multi-contributor inputs, best-in-class data governance and a growing suite of analytics tools."


In October, CanDeal was appointed by FTSE Russell Canada to provide pricing for its Canadian fixed income indices, leveraging CanDeal DNA's proprietary performance and valuation measures.