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CanDeal DNA: Best Evaluated Pricing Service

CanDeal DNA's Reference Pricing Service has been designated by Waters' 2024 Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards and the 2023 Buy-Side Technology Awards.


CanDeal Data and Analytics (“DNA”) delivers the most accurate dealer-sourced pricing to help participants better monitor, understand and manage their market exposure.




CanDeal DNA provides THE standard in the Canadian fixed income markets by providing participants with independent, accurate and transparent pricing. These best-in-class datasets also deliver the insight needed to make smarter pre- and post-trade decisions, and to trade and manage risk with an unmatched level of confidence.

The pricing standard

CanDeal DNA is the premier source for Canadian OTC fixed income and derivatives pricing, providing an invaluable reference off which to price individual securities and portfolios.

It is the first platform to aggregate and analyze the complete set of pricing, trade and Terms & Conditions data from all of Canada’s major dealers, delivering a unique set of data and analytics to buy-side and other industry participants, such as fund administration, information redistributors and technology service providers.


We pool and package OTC as well as other third-party pricing, transaction and reference data. This provides clients with unique insight into their trading activity and market context for use in modelling, risk and compliance.

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As well as the expansive set of pricing services, we deliver a subset of Canadian fixed income data generated directly from the CanDeal Markets trading platforms:


CanDeal Spreadsheet Add-in: a spreadsheet plug-in that delivers real-time prices directly to your desktop

Pricing Feed

CanDeal Pricing Feed: route data to internal systems using a real-time proprietary data feed

Daily Pricing File

CanDeal Daily Pricing File: a snapshot view of daily CanDeal prices

Trading File

CanDeal Trading File: a file containing details on your firm’s executed trades of the day

Compliance File

CanDeal Compliance File (buy-side only): a detailed list of every RFQ submitted by your firm

Historical Data

CanDeal Historical Data: customized historical data sets and trade blotters – more than 10 years of historical data is available


With CanDeal DNA, you have applied best in class industry standards that will ensure that you meet the most rigorously regulatory and internal compliance thresholds.

  • Standardized industry inbound formats
  • Consume primary dealer pricing, trade and reference data
  • Semantic and syntactic validation algorithms
  • Enrich with security master reference data and apply standards such as short names
  • Categorize and classify to ensure domestic market conventions are addressed
  • Align composite pricing to mitigate any gaps to trade tracking
  • Apply a ranking hierarchy to composite prices based on contributor quorum and trade activity
  • Generate curves by Issuer Bond Types and Sectors to generate evaluated prices

Leverage IOSCO benchmark principles for pricing securities such as:

  • Extensive arm’s length manufacturing and independent data governance applied throughout the pricing process to ensure no conflict of interest.
  • Quality of coverage reports provided to contributors.
  • Industry Committee reviews, input and feedback on methodologies.
  • Hierarchy of rules to highlight observations based on trades, liquidity, pricing observations.
  • Transparency of pricing methodologies
  • Direct from source Terms & Conditions to ensure accurate bond reference data attributes and application of domestic market conventions.
  • Strong client support and tracking to manage price challenges.

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Read our FAQs, access our Statement of Compliance of IOSCO benchmark principles, and learn more about CanDeal DNA’s Price Challenge Procedures.

Our Partners

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