Andrew Munn

Head of Benchmarks (non-voting)

Andrew Munn is the Head of CanDeal Benchmark Solutions, responsible for ensuring that benchmark services are implemented with robust governance and control frameworks. With his leadership, CanDeal Benchmark Solutions is well-positioned to provide top-tier benchmark services to our clients.
Prior to this role, Andrew has provided CanDeal with advisory services within the DNA team, specifically focusing on data products, derivatives, and related funding vehicles and structures.

Before CanDeal, Andrew held key roles such as Treasurer at RBC Capital Markets and Head of Balance Sheet Optimization at RBC Investor Services, Managing Director. Andrew ensured robust funding and liquidity at a GSIB while driving the transition from IBOR based products to new funding based on CORRA, SOFR and Sonia. He is a thought leader in the industry's shift towards Term CORRA and alternative funding strategies and collateral management.