Trusted Insight into the Canadian Market

CanDeal’s market data is sourced directly from our dealer network, including all of Canada’s primary dealers. Our market data has become the benchmark for institutional investors from around the globe, who leverage this information to make their trading decisions on a daily basis. In 2014, CanDeal participants traded more than $2.4 Trillion on our marketplace and our market data supported this activity in addition to trillions more that traded in the over-the-counter bond market telephonically.

Market Data
In addition to our composite pricing screens, CanDeal offers four additional market data options to help provide insight into the Canadian market. CanDeal’s market data can be purchased directly from us.

Market data options include:

  • CanDeal Spreadsheet: an Excel add-in that allows a user to create a custom list of securities to monitor in real-time.
  • CanDeal Real-time Feed: the CanDeal API feed is the most flexible and robust data feed available. Using a proprietary API, users are able to route real-time data into their own internal systems.
  • CanDeal End-of-Day Snapshot: an end-of-day snapshot of the most accurate daily closing prices in the Canadian fixed income market.
  • Historical Pricing: customized historical data sets are available for purchase.
  • CanDeal Market Recap: delivered nightly, and on a weekly basis, the CanDeal Market Recap provides insight into end-of-day closing prices and volume statistics from our marketplace.